Auckland. New Zealand

Auckland. New Zealand

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The Best Time for visiting this beautiful locale is the time of the best weather of the region and that is the time between November and April.

Weather: January and February are the hottest months of the year averaging temps of 71 degrees F.  (21 degrees Celsius) July and August are considered the coldest months of the year with temps at 55 degrees F. (13 degrees Celsius).

Electricity: 240 AC is the local voltage or 50 hertz. Power Outlets take two-pin three-pin plugs (Type 1).

Transport: The City itself and the areas in the suburbs of the City are easily travelled and navigated by walking and travelling on foot. There is however a convenient Inner link bus with a low cost of $2.50. The Bus routes around the city to Parnell, K Road, Ponsonby, and Victoria Park.

Auckland’s Noteworthy Facts:

  • The distance from the Pacific Ocean to the Tasman Sea is a mere 4 hour trek on foot!

The position of Auckland is situated between two natural harbors. Walks are very popular and worth exploring in this amazing city! The Coast to Coast Walk is the most noteworthy and popular walk. This 16 Kilometer walk starts at Waitemata Harbor and ends at Manukau Harbor by the Tasman Sea.

  • There are over 50 volcanoes in the City of Auckland

Although this may sound intense it is not likely or expected that these volcanoes will erupt again in this area. The Volcanoes came from a Magma source located 100 Kilometers under the city and have managed to actually provide the city with some amazing and unique landscapes!

  • In the years 2006-2008 Auckland was ranked as the world’s 5th Best City to live in in terms of the Quality of Life aspect.

The land bears abundantly with a low population to populate the land so this makes the quality of life in this region remarkably high. There is a more relaxed approach to life in the area and it seems that the people show it through their friendliness and laid back attitudes.

  • Auckland is consistently ranked with the world’s 20 most “livable cities”

Although the city hasn’t reached the top 5 on the list since 2008 the city is still appreciated and valued for its kiwi way of life and high quality of life.

  • Auckland is also known as the “City of Sails”

Auckland is in a unique position situated between Waitemata and Manukau harbor. This region is also known for its wildlife and beautiful landscapes that are like none other! You can also spot these luscious landscapes and scenery in some of the biggest motion pictures on the big screen! This area is also widely known for its plentiful wildlife population. Yacht lovers flock to this region to experience the perfect types of waters for yachting and sailing. If boating, yachting and wildlife were your draw to the city it would be well worth the travel and visit to this diverse region.

  • This city is known for the largest Polynesian population in the entire world!

These people are lovely that populate the region in masses! 28% of the population is comprised of Polynesians. These are a welcoming people that desire others to enjoy their culture and the Otara markets specifically during the Pasifika Festival held once a year!

  • Auckland was home to Helen Clark, the current U also New Zealand’s 37th Prime Minister and grew up and studied in the area for most of her life.
  • The Pop singer Lordetopped the US Charts and is originally from Takapuna, Auckland.
  • Sir Edmund Hillary, a famous rock climber is known soar climbing to the summit of Mount Everest.
  • The small screen famous soap opera in Auckland, “Shortland Street” is actually filmed right in Auckland!

This is the current longest running prime time soap opera of its kind. The show is about the interesting lives of a medical group/team at Shortland Street Hospital. This show has been filmed and running for an impressive 24 years+.

  • From 1842-1865 Auckland was actually the capital city of all of New Zealand!

Auckland was the 2nd city in line to become the capital of New Zealand. Wellington is the current capital of the city. The reason for the shifting in the capital cities was due to the tumultuous travel conditions that existed for certain government officials which took the trek from the South. Their journey lasted 2 months which was considered too long and difficult of a journey.

  • Tamaki Makaurau is the Maori name for the city of Auckland.

This name is translated to “Tamaki with a hundred lovers”. The land was desirable and considered fertile with all of its grounds and vast waterways hence the title name.

Auckland described in one word would be “Unique and welcoming” with a friendly atmosphere at every turn. You will be met with open arms and ready to enjoy this peaceful and laid back lifestyle for your visit!

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