Bangkok. Thailand

Bangkok. Thailand

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The absolute best time to visit this vibrant city is the time between late December and early January. These months are considered the peak tourist season with much cooler and mild temperatures than the rest of the year.

Transport: A Car or other vehicle seems to be the least desirable mode of transportation due to the heavy traffic in the city. The public transportation system is definitely growing and improving in the city due to great need for it. The above ground sky train and the underground metro run from 6am-midnight daily. These two forms of transportation do require separate tickets with fares starting at $.50. Taxis and Tuk-tuks are also readily available in the city.

FYI: The busiest season in the region is from March to August. The weather is pretty unpredictable with a sure to come rainy season which normally runs from June to October.

Facts to know:

  • The nightlife in Bangkok have made the city a major tourism hub. Nightlife spots ranging from Khaosan Road to Grand Palace and Buddhist temples. MasterCard’s Global Destination Cities Index declared it the most visited city. Travel and Leisure Magazine declared it the World’s best city for 4 years in a row consecutively.
  • The traditional name for Bangkok has been listed as the longest name for a place by Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport is the proud home of the world’s tallest Aircraft Control Tower.
  • Bangkok actually has an interesting connection to Venice Italy in that some have named Bangkok the “Venice of the East”. This is mainly due to the popular nightlife in the city. Another very interesting name for Bangkok is the “City of Angles”. This is due to Bangkok’s active participation in city planning.
  • If you’re looking for a more relaxing and laid back excursion in Bangkok then RamaIX Park and Chatuchak would be a great place for you to get away from the noise and bustling crowds
  • The Chao Phraya River runs through Bangkok and the beauty and charm of this scenic Riverbank adds to the enthralling aspect and majestic charm of the city.
  • Considered the center of Bangkok, the Siam Square and Silomare nestled in the hub of Bangkok. You can start at this destination and venture out virtually to any other area in Bangkok from this location. It is the center of the City.
  • Thailand is full of Millionaires with a staggering number of 200,000 US. Millionaires in the City. 95% of this group actually reside in Bangkok. It could also be called the City of the Rich!
  • The best food in all of Southeast Asia is right here in Bangkok! From Jasmine rice to outstandingly remarkable Pad Thai dishes you are sure to find something to entice your taste buds and palette here in this great city!
  • Bangkok is known for its Thai Massage! This is part of the tourism draw to the city. It is nice to note that the government has been strict on Bangkok and you can get your massage without unsolicited attention.

Holiday is the best time to visit this ever popular tourist destination and everyone should experience this region. It is truly the best in Asia!


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